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Fast Delivery

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Money Back Guarantee

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Customer Support

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Most individuals are totally unwilling to invest time into a profile that has little interaction. But if they see plenty of others interacting with your profile, they will be wondering why they are not doing the same.

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If your Instagram Profile is Private, you’ll need to change it to Public.

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The Social Art

The Art of Buying Instagram Followers Why would someone want to buy Instagram followers? Because they want to create social proof, that’s why! With Instagram digital marketers have a wide audience of about 100 million active users and it grows every day. It has become far more than a den of selfies and smiling hamsters, it has become a way to increase revenues for your business. As of mid-2014 Starbucks and Nike has published over 14 million Instagram photos combined! Everyone knows those two household brands, but unfortunately not everyone knows what your business is about which is why you can actually create social proof by purchasing Instagram followers and Likes. So what is social proof on Instagram? The idea of social proof stems from humans naturally following each other’s behaviors. If 5,000 people are willing to follow you on Instagram, 5,000 more are sure to follow the crowd.

The Magic

Create an Instagram following Nothing replaces consistent social media use and content creation, but building a social media presence for a new start-up can be an uphill battle. Thankfully, there are some shortcuts that can be implemented. Here are the three main reasons to take some shortcuts and create an Instagram following: Buying Instagram followers receives instant credibility. The general public has no idea your Instagram followers were purchased, all they will know is that you are obviously legitimate and interesting because so many people are willing to follow what you create. Peer pressure increases. The average Instagram user will see that thousands of people follow your photos and will feel psychological pressure to join the crowd. Your image is heightened. If you are an expert, celebrity, or average user, your image immediately receives more attention with the addition of more Instagram followers. Your status is raised to “influencer” with the more social proof you gain through higher numbers of Instagram followers.


A lot of things run through the mind of a consumer when they are deciding to purchase a product or utilize a service. A 2013 KissMetrics survey discovered that 70% of consumers research product reviews and social proof before making a purchase. When it comes to Instagram, followers are your reviewers so boosting your credibility and image can encourage consumers to purchase what you are selling. So go ahead, establish your brand and increase your social proof today by purchasing one of Social Mart’s value packages – your future customers and increased sales will thank you.

AlisyaOnline Boutique Owner
Instagram really helps to build our presence in social media. We are just a small startup and the extra followers that we bought kick start our momentum. Followers are coming in like crazy.
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I'm very happy with your services. I have 15,000 extra followers in just 2 days. Best wishes from me. Orders are coming in everyday. Thanks!

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