MINDSET yang BETUL & ELAKKAN KHURAFAT 1 – Carilah Ilmu dan Jangan Sombong & Ego Berniaga di Instagram atau di mana mana (online atau offline) perlu ada ILMU dan jangan TAKLID BUTA. Jadi rajin rajin menuntut ilmu dengan guru yang ada kredibiliti yang pakar dalam bidang masing masing. Ingat, BUKAN SEMUA GURU PAKAR SEMUA BENDA.

The rules for success in the Instagram community as with any social network platform are very simple. Audience engagement, providing relevant and valuable content, and positive contributions to the community are the very basics. Successful businesses on Instagram do just those things while maximizing every aspect of them to set themselves apart, connect with a

Whatever product or service you are promoting, a targeted audience is important. The 130 million users that are on Instagram will most definitely need sifting to identify and select those who are relevant to your business or marketing objectives. Everything from your business profile to marketing efforts has to be strategically designed and executed. It

Competitions or contests used as Instagram advertising tools can be leveraged in ways that are only limited by the depth of the imagination. As far as competitions go, Instagram provides a unique opportunity for brands to steer an audience in their marketing direction. Competitions can take the form of video contests or photo contests. The

Current State Of Instagram

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Since its inception in October, 2010; Instagram has come a long way indeed. What started as a photo sharing social media platform has now incorporated video sharing as of June, 2013. Also, whereas iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch were the exclusive devices to utilize Instagram; Android phones now have access as of April, 2012. Let us examine